Our Programs

Our Mission

Ladder to the Moon’s programs are made possible by the generous help and support of many volunteers, sponsors, and donors. Without this help and support we could not fulfill our mission. Please join us by:

  • donating funds to help support our programs.
  • reaching out to potential sponsors, supporters and advertisers, including individuals, business owners, companies and organizations.
  • creating opportunities for us to speak and share our story and our mission.
  • donating time
  •  as a volunteer distributor of our newspaper in your neighborhood or at your workplace.
  • helping to organize our Global Awareness and Responsibility Conference.
  • offering opportunities for us to speak and share our story and our mission.

How You Can Help

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Ladder to the Moon Network

Education, Awareness, and Special Programs in Support of the People of Sub-Saharan Africa

Our programs are educational in nature, because we strongly believe that an educated community is a responsive community.

We offer two programs:

  • our free monthly newspaper, Amjambo Africa!
  • our annual Global Awareness and Responsibility Conference

Our mission is twofold. We strive to educate the public about Africa, increase awareness of the connection between current conditions in Africa and migration, and describe the challenges faced by African immigrants as they are in the process of relocating as well as after resettlement.

We help communities thrive by:

  •  advocating for the well-being of 


  •  promoting opportunities
  •  celebrating successes.

24 Preble Street

Portland, Maine 04101

​207 517-3402