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Education, Awareness, and Special Programs in Support of the People of Sub-Saharan Africa

Ladder to the Moon Network

We strive to always improve people’s lives and strongly believe that “Where there is not hatred and division, the skin of a flea can be slept on by two people.”  Translation: where there is love and peace everything is possible - African saying.

Who We Are:

Ladder to the Moon Network is founded on a commitment to human rights, human dignity, strong families, mutual support, peace, reconciliation and justice and strives for excellence in all its endeavors.

Our mission is threefold. 1) We strive to increase awareness and inform the public about current conditions in Africa that cause people to migrate; 2) Educate the public on the challenges faced by African immigrants as they are in the process of relocating; 3) Assist new African Americans during the resettlement process. We help them to achieve personal stability and economic growth, eliminate barriers to achievement, acclimate to a foreign culture, and assimilate into and contribute to their new community. By helping these new Americans achieve their full potential, we assist in building educated, thriving communities for all. 

Many African countries continue to experience war. For instance, in the Democratic Republic of Congo alone, more than six million people have died in the last 20 years as a result of war. Violence between groups in power and those desiring power continues to take more lives. Those who flee these conflicts often end up in refugee camps. These camps are places only desperate people would choose to go to. There is no refuge in these camps. Families living there experience horrendous, unsanitary, crowded conditions, where they dream of a safe home in a country like America.  Approximately 20,000 of these refugees have left their native African countries to resettle in and around the Portland Maine area over the past 20 years.  Their numbers are expected to significantly increase, with approximately 450 new comers every year expected to join the New Mainers already here.

When refugees arrive in Maine they come believing in a future that will allow them to shift their focus from surviving to thriving and this is where Ladder to the Moon plays an important role.  LMN’s simple strategies are rooted in experience. Some of us come from Africa, we have family still in Africa, and we have faced the challenges that New Americans are now facing and we understand both their struggles and their needs. 

 Our Goals:

Ladder to the Moon Network (LMN) is an organization with the following goals:

Educating the public about the continuing crisis in many African countries, and promoting peace and development in Africa
Raising the awareness of the challenges that refugees from Africa face after migrating to America
Promoting  personal independence and dignity in New American Communities 

Our Core Values:

Human dignity, we stand for human dignity for everyone everywhere
 Mutual help , we promote helping one another and strongly believe that two are better than one and that we all need help sometimes in life
Peace and Reconciliation, wherever there are people there is conflict, but peace and reconciliation are in our grasp and must prevail over division and hatred
Justice, equality and accountability, we believe in the equitable treatment of all humanity; and in the rule of law


Ladder to the Moon Network is a nonprofit organization based in Portland Maine. It was initiated by Georges Budagu Makoko.  Georges was born in the Southern Kivu province of Eastern DR Congo and spent his early years living among extended family in small villages. Later he moved to the urban areas of the Congo to further his education. He lived for many years in war-torn Congo and after surviving the atrocities in the Great Lakes Region of Central Africa, he sought and was granted asylum in the United States, taking residency in Portland Maine in 2002.

 In 2011, after 9 years in Portland he was sworn in as a citizen of the United States. Georges is a devoted family man, who has built his life in America upon the same principal of mutual support he enjoyed as a child. He strongly believes that justice, freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness should be available to all people equally, and he is wounded by the suffering and injustice he witnessed back in his country of origin, and which has continued until the present. This endless war has caused more 6 million people to die and millions of others to move to different countries throughout the world seeking a new place to call home. When Georges moved to America, he was shocked by the fact that few people were aware of the atrocities that have taken place - and continue to take place - in the Congo and decided to initiate the organization Ladder to the Moon Network to help improve people’s lives and bring hope to desperate communities.

Our Services:

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